Spend time doing something you love to do...

Inspired by a world class coach or expert...

Having fun with friends as you create lifelong memories...

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Rethink High School

Would your child rather attend Stanford or launch the next Google?

​Learner's accomplishments will be showcased in a series of badges that will dazzle admissions officers at top notch universities or convince employees, partners and investors to join forces in a world changing start up.

Launchpad students get ready for real-world success by gaining valuable skills, mastering them through apprenticeships, and launching real startups, businesses, and projects.

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A day in the life

Core Skills

Mastering Reading, Writing, Math, and Civilization using computer simulations and Socratic Discussions.


Competing and collaborating in a game-like series of real world projects to learn 21st Century Skills.​


Experimenting with entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders to hone your most precious gifts and talents until you find your calling in life.​

Surround yourself with world-class entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and heroes in the field you're passionate about.