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Acton Academy Austin
Austin, TX. Founded in 2009

Acton Academy Placer
Placer County, CA. Founded in 2017

Acton Academy Guatemala
Guatemala City, Guatemala. Founded in 2014

Slope School
Utah County, UT. Founded in 2018

Acton Leadership Academy
Tomball, TX. Founded in 2019

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What makes Acton Academy different?

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    Important work. Challenging play. A love of learning.
  • 2

    Hands-on tasks. Adaptive technology. Close-knit, flourishing tribes.

  • 3
    A belief that each child is destined to find a calling that will change the world.
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Heros Journey

Watch the following 3 videos to learn more about Acton:

Video #1

What if your child is a super hero?

Video #2

How we can help:

  • 1
    Proven learning challenges, tools and systems.
  • 2

    Adaptive game-based programs.

  • 3

    Tips, testimony and support from veteran owners.

Video #3

Acton Owners:

  • 1

    Serve our children and families.

  • 2

    Equip, inspire and connect learners to lead at an early age.

  • 3

    Treat each child as a hero who is destined to change the world.

Our commitments to you

To support the launch of your Acton Academy at each step in the journey.
Kids learning at Acton
Acton Campus in Austin
Learning challenges, narrative arcs, and exhibitions for world-class learning.
Girl in Acton Campus
An immersive pre-orientation, orientation and onboarding process. 
Systems, procedures, and best practices to grow your campus as you turn over more responsibility to learners.
Lively forums to share testimony and experiments with 300+ owners like you from all around the world.
Invitations to our annual Acton Owner's Conference for those committed to building learner-driven tribes..

Your commitments to Acton

  • 1

    Uphold Acton Academy's mission, family promises, and beliefs.

  • 2

    Gather and share weekly customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we deliver on our promises to families.

  • 3

    A one time $20,000 license and orientation fee, plus network dues of 3% of annual campus revenues. 

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Acton School Guide

The Audition Process


Start by taking a Short Quiz

In this step, you'll tell us a little more about who you are, when you're hoping to launch your campus, and your overall approach to learning.


Dig deep into the Acton Model

In this step, you'll dig deep into our learning model and describe your unique vision for bringing an Acton Academy to your community.


Submit Your Final Entry

You'll get to the heart of why you want to launch an Acton Academy and have the opportunity to ask any lingering questions you still might have.

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